Whether you have a lot of commercial or industrial floor space to clean or a spill that needs attention, our industrial scrubbing will give the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Our industrial and commercial scrubbing can service internal and external sites including, cool stores, manufacturing facilities, produce facilities, factories, packaging companies, warehousing and distribution. 

Our industrial scrubbers are designed to remove the build-up of dirt, grime, stains, and contaminations which have settled on your working floors. As they utilise cylindrical brushes or abrasive pads with chemical and water to remove impurities and leave a streak free surface, they are clearly much better than other more human resource intensive options. 

Industrial Property Services can provide you with professional and reliable commercial and industrial scrubbing services second to none because:

Combine with our Commercial and Industrial Sweeping service for a complete sweeping and scrubbing maintenance schedule.

Call us today to arrange an on-site visit to assess your needs and advise on the best solution for the maintenance of your facility. 

4 benefits of using an industrial scrubbing service:

For premises with a significant amount of floor space, ‘ride-on’ scrubbers are the best option. They have a larger scrubbing width, larger water and detergent solution capacity. The ‘ride-on’ scrubbers mean less operator fatigue and increased productivity.


Clean more floor in less time

Because ‘Ride-on’ scrubbers carry a larger volume of cleaning solution, operators do not have to stop as frequently to drain and fill the scrubbers’ tanks, saving up to 30 minutes per floor-cleaning cycle. As the scrubber is completely self-propelled, it is bigger and wider than a ‘walk-behind’ machine, giving a wider cleaning track which cleans larger spaces with fewer passes. 


greater Productivity

Because ‘Ride-on’ scrubbers clean larger spaces fast, without fatiguing their operators, less time can be spent on cleaning, giving your staff more time and energy for core operational activities.  


mPI Requirements

If you are an Approved Transitional Facility, you know you will need to clean your facility to the required Industrially scrubbing your internal floors is a good step toward that level of cleanliness, especially as we use MPI and HSNO approved chemicals. 


Floor Maintenance

Keeping your floors clean and hygienic improves its longevity and helps in preventing as much leeching into the concrete as possible. Our scrubbing machines remove as many impurities as possible from the surface preventing build-up, potentially restoring the surface to a better state.