First impressions count. A clean building is the best and quickest way to make a strong impression on staff, customers and stakeholders.

Dirt, grime and airborne pollutants accumulate on a building’s exterior walls, encouraging mould and mildew growth, breaking down the paint coatings. Not only does washing your building regularly make it look better, but it will extend the lifespan of the paint coating on your cladding. At Industrial Property Services, we service a large array of buildings, from industrial warehouses and commercial buildings to residential housing. 

Industrial Property Services can provide you with professional and reliable water blasting service second to none because: 

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4 Factors to bear in mind when assessing if your building needs to be washed

How often should my building be washed?

If you want your building to stay clean and beautiful, you should, as a general rule, have it washed once a year. At the very least, thoroughly examine your building exterior once a year to determine if it needs to be cleaned. 


Amount Of Rainfall

Rain, contrary to popular belief, does not keep your building clean. As soon as rain hits your building it will accumulate dirt from the roof and the walls actually making it more likely to adhere to the building. 



Run your finger across the surface of your building’s exterior. If your finger comes away dirty, your building is in dire need of a wash. 



For the best results your building should be washed during New Zealand’s Spring, Summer and Autumn, when the weather is milder. High levels of humidity create an ideal climate for mould and mildew to grow on the outside of your building. Both mould and mildew make your building look dirty.


Locations & Surroundings

Your location and surrounding environment play a big part in the cleanliness of your building’s exterior. 

– Are there a lot of trees throwing shade over parts of your building?

– How much traffic passes your building, especially trucks, traffic or machinery belching out exhaust fumes?

– Are buildings on either side of yours dirty?

– Are your shared employee spaces dirty?

Industrial Property Services a quality professional service to suit your requirements. We work with you to plan, implement and schedule a suitable time to get the job done.

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