Natural light is vital for the well-being of your employees as well as reducing your electricity bill.

Let Industrial Property Services take care of your commercial window cleaning needs. With our knowledge, techniques, and the right tools to clean your windows, your glass will stay in pristine condition for years to come. Call us today to arrange a site visit to see how we assist with your commercial window cleaning needs.

Over time, dirt and grime wears down window glass. Its porous surface absorbs elements from its surrounding environment. If not cleaned glass can become permanently damaged both internally and externally.

Combine with our Building Washing services or Building Wash service and give your site some TLC. 

3 Benefits of having clean windows


It boosts the apperance of your business

Windows should be cleaned at least twice a year in order to maintain a clean and professional appearance. Clean windows tell staff, stakeholders and customers that you take care of the details. It is especially important for retail shops to have clean windows, so products can be displayed in the best possible light.


It keeps your windows maintained

Well maintained windows will work at their best for longer, minimising the amount of naturally occurring degradation. As dirt and grime accumulates, it will interfere with the sun’s natural warming action, particularly in the winter months, and decreases the windows efficiency with heat retention. Oxidisation around the window frames can lead to cracks in the seals causing leaks, fogging and condensation build, all of which is ideal mould growth.


It protects your glass

Glass’ porous surface has tiny holes like a sponge. When water comes in contact with the glass, it soaks up the water and its minerals. Not cleaning your windows regularly can potentially lead to permanent damage and staining from the hardening of these minerals.

Industrial Property Services a quality professional service to suit your requirements. We work with you to plan, implement and schedule a suitable time to get the job done.

Call us today to arrange an on-site visit to assess your needs and advise on the best solution for the maintenance of your facility.