Is your facility's exterior looking old and tired? Have you any idea of how damaging that is to your brand? Water blasting is a great way to bring surfaces back to life, attract attention and impress your customers.

One of the biggest advantages water blasting has is that it is non-polluting, safe method to solve industrial cleaning problems such as surface preparation, organic residue build-up, surface restoration, moss and mould removal, high level cleaning and chemical application across walls, concrete and asphalt floors, paths, decks, roofs, driveways and car parks. 


Here are some reasons why you should look at using Industrial Property Services for your water blasting services:

Industrial Property Services water blasting services are ideal if you have areas that need attention. 

How hard can water blasting be?

It is tempting to try and do the job yourself. But, that can be both expensive and disastrous. As water blasting strips and removes layers of grime, the operator has to follow the correct technique precisely. If the operator doesn’t have the training or experience the results maybe the opposite of what you’d hoped for. At the very least, you run the risk of the pressurised water creating a divot or chipping away the surface you are trying to clean, potentially causing water leakage into places water should not go. A much better idea is to hire Industrial Property Services

Our water blasting professionals can complete the project at the times to suit your schedule and will do the job efficiently and expertly. 

Industrial Property Services a quality professional service to suit your requirements. We work with you to plan, implement and schedule a suitable time to get the job done.

Call us today to arrange an on-site visit to assess your needs and advise on the best solution for the maintenance of your facility.